Do you dread facing the daunting task of fishing through racks of swimwear trying to find something you like or worse, finding something you like but then trying to find it your size? Not sure about shopping on line either? Then enjoy the benefit of a personal stylists’ expertise and contact one of our personal stylists to help you (link to about our stylists).

Our personal stylists will assist you in selecting swimwear options that reflect your level of comfort and fit. Make this your last stop and we will
customize your look by:

Finding swimwear that suits your personal style and shape
Co-create your look without stress and hassle
No racks and hangers to struggle with
Offering vertical integration across all quality brands providing unrestricted custom combination options
Enjoy the same personal experience on line that you receive in our store
Knuckles Stylists’ Pledge:We want Knuckles to be your last stop so we pledge to earn your trust and loyalty in our swimwear selection system on line and in our store. In the end, your confidence in our service and product is the means to attaining our goal which is to take the hassle out of shopping for swimwear so you spend more time enjoying wearing it.